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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

XSpec 0.2 Released

Last week, a new version of XSpec, an open-source unit-testing framework for XSLT (and now XQuery) was released.  XSpec allows you to write test suites (called scenarios) to test XSLT functions and templates and XQuery functions. 

It’s good stuff.  If you do any work with these technologies, I recommend checking out the Getting Started guide and the User Guide for an introduction. 

I’m particularly excited about this release because I’m involved in the project – well, in a bit part anyway, mainly providing testing and documentation.  The overwhelming bulk of the credit for the new release is due to Florent Georges, who has really kicked the project back into gear and has rewritten the core functionality to support XQuery in addition to XSLT.  After a year of dormancy, both development and the mailing list are active, which means that XSpec will continue to improve.

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