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Sunday, June 15, 2008

My 1.5 Seconds of Fame

Recently, I presented at PTC/User on a very obscure work-related topic. This was the first time I've talked at an industry conference, and I didn't bore my audience so much that they left the room, so that's good.  I snapped this picture because it's as close to having my name in lights that I'm likely ever to get.  A cheap thrill, but a thrill nonetheless.

I'm about as adverse to public speaking as you can be, but I'm definitely glad I did it.  You should do it too, no matter what your industry - especially if like me you don't have a particularly outgoing personality.  Presenting forces you to meet people, and that's really what a conference is really for.  Training is good, and so are talks, and maybe even the vendors, but talking to people who do what you do will teach you so much more. 

I'm giving a similar talk at XyUg in September, except now I have an hour and half to fill instead of 45 minutes.  Good thing I have a few months to invent something to fill that time. 

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