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Monday, November 05, 2007

Fake Steve Jobs interviewed on Ars

I don't know why I'm such a fan of Fake Steve Jobs, but I am.  Ars Technica interviews him:

Charles Jade: I noticed your book was printed on paper. It's an interesting choice in medium for the inventor of the iPod, and by extension the audiobook, and even more so with Apple under constant attack by groups like Greenpeace. Can you tell us about your thought process in creating the physicality that is the book?

Fake Steve Jobs: I love paper. Paper is beautiful. There’s something about the way paper feels between your fingers that’s just, well, right. In the case of Options I insisted on using a very special paper stock that had in the end to be invented specially for this book. I spent about six months just working on the paper itself. Looked at thousands of samples. You have no idea how many shades of white there are. Then once you get the exact right paper you have to experiment with how the ink will look on that paper and which ink is best and then what typeface — it’s super complex. And only then, after all that, can you start writing.

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