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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Words-on-a-Page Tuesday Link Cycle

  • A short review of The Sushi Economy, a book about global capitalism, cultural fusion, and of course, sushi.
  • Writer Jean Thompson responds to Stephen King's New York Times column lamenting the decline of the American short story:

    Most art is failed art, when you think about it. It misses by inches or by miles, it grasps at an ideal, falls short, and rallies to try again. Flannery O’Conner revised “The Geranium” as a better story, “Judgement Day.” We should not be sorry that the lesser version saw the light, or that short stories and their readerships carry on, despite all the forces arrayed against them. ...

    There is in much of the criticism the inference, or the downright accusation, that writers of highbrow fiction lead effete and timorous lives, as opposed to the robust and brawny ones of those who write the solid, homespun stuff that people really want, and whose hearts, as well as wallets, are in the right place. But writing is always a balancing act between involvement with the world and the solitude and retreat needed to render it in words. One does one’s best in both arenas, and then resolves to do still better the following day.

  • Ametrica.  (via information aesthetics)
  • Another take on the Sony ebook reader.  I wouldn't be surprised if the next generation of ebook readers makes it big.  Just add wireless.  (via booktwo.org)
  • New York Times Magazine interviewer Deborah Soloman has been doctoring interviews, including one of This American Life's Ira Glass.  What to do now that the two biggest institutions of my pseudoliterary liberal intake have collided?  (via wordyard)

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