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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Lonesome-in-Houston Link Cycle

  • The New York Times discovers downtown Houston’s empty streets and busy tunnels:

    Other cities, notably Montreal, Toronto and Minneapolis, are renowned for their extensive tunnel and skyway networks. But Houston may be alone in the extent and nature of its pedestrian circulation system of tunnels and skywalks that become particularly popular on days like Aug. 12, 13 and 14 when temperatures hit 102 and 101, or last Thursday, when Tropical Storm Erin flooded many streets.

    It was not centrally planned; it just grew, inspired by Rockefeller Center in New York. But it is not connected to a transit network. And, befitting Texans’ distrust of government, most of it is private; each segment is controlled by the individual building owner who deigns to allow the public access during business hours — and then locks the doors on nights and weekends. Some parts, like those belonging to the former Enron buildings now leased by Chevron, are closed to outsiders altogether.

    [via Biourbanist]

  • For the first time ever, a man proposed marriage on the Jumbotron at an Astros game and was rejected. Ouch. What’s worse is that the incident was not only used as the central metaphor of Houston Chronicle’s original article on the game – No wedding but plenty of Redding – but spawned its own article in the Life section of the paper:

    He didn't get the girl.

    And now he's stuck with the $300 bill from the Astros, which is the tab for two tickets, the proposal shown on the centerfield scoreboard and a souvenir video of the proceedings.

    "We did what we said we were going to do," said Pam Gardner, president of business operations. "We hope these proposals will be serious and special, so people have to think before they do it."

    Gardner said she wasn't sure what to do with the video of the first rejected marriage proposal in the history of Minute Maid Park. Certainly it belongs to the gentleman if he wants it, she said. Otherwise, the staff will dispose of it discreetly.

    Although a number of reporters have been trying to reach the apparently spurned lover — assuming the whole scene was not a carefully orchestrated stunt — the Astros staunchly refused to release his name or the video.

    Life Lesson #482: If you're going to propose in public, make damn sure that she's going to say yes.

    [via Off the Kuff]

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