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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Ira Glass Talks About Storytelling

O’Reilly Radar has linked to a series of videos by Ira Glass, the host of (of course) This American Life, my favorite radio show. Topics include storytelling, and (quoting O’Reilly Radar):

  • On the basics... - During a story keep asking and answering questions through the narrative
  • On good taste... - Don't give up when you are just beginning a creative craft and your output does not meet your expectations
  • On two commons pitfalls... - 1) If you are doing video talk like a human being, not like you are ON TV. 2) In a story show your interest in the world and others through your own
For the text-inclined, there is also Ira Glass’s Radio Manifesto. For the humor-inclined, a parody of TAL (from CW).

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