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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Get your art on

Last Saturday, my humble neighborhood, the Houston Heights, held its Heights First Saturday. While I don't care about antiques and the trolley tour doesn't really do it for me, what's fun is seeing all the local artists who set up in tents or in area stores to display and sell. Giant fish made from car fenders, watercolors, sculptures of welded-together tools and hardware. Some stuff is cool, others drip sentimentality. But if you want to decorate your apartment without resorting to Ikea mass-producedness, this event is your chance. Also, there is live music. I bought a print from Kim Enloe, who takes close-up shots of junk embedded in pavement. Sounds weird, looks strangely cool. Some examples: (1), (2), (3). The last one I bought.

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